"Caring for your pets as much as you do"

Pet Health Plans

At Winton Lodge we want to help you give your pet the best care for a longer, happier and healthier life. We have designed our Pet Health Plan to help with the costs of the everyday, routine needs for your pets.

Our Pet Health Plan covers ALL the essential treatments your pet needs throughout its life such as vaccinations, flea and worm treatments and regular health checks in a simple, direct debit system that spreads your costs and saves you money. It covers the annual vaccinations, 12 months of flea and worm treatments and two full clinical examinations with the vet.

Not only does this mean that all their regular needs are taken care of but by doing regular more regular checks of your pets we are able to identify any issues at an earlier stage so that we can do more to help them.

The plan also entitles you to further discounts on a wide range of things such as additional vaccines, additional parasite control, dental treatments, waiting room sales, neutering, micro-chipping and all veterinary diets. In short we have designed the plan to help with all the things insurance doesn’t cover!
Signing up to the plan is very easy – just a simple form to complete. You can sign up in the clinic or post or email forms to us and if you sign the paperwork at the time of the booster you can include the cost of the booster – ask us for more details about this.

Added up the savings are significant and you get peace of mind in knowing all the regular health needs for your pet are taken care of. We hope you will find this plan of great benefit to you and your pet.

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