"Caring for your pets as much as you do"

Our Services

Preventative Health Care Services

At Winton Lodge we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure! We are able to help in a wide range of ways to keep your pet healthier and happier for longer.

These include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Flea, Worm and Tick control
  • Microchipping
  • Neutering
  • Nutritional advice
  • Weight loss clinics
  • Puppy and kitten development checks
  • Pet passports and pre-travel clinics

We have a Pet Health Plan which helps not only to spread the costs of routine health care but also saves you money. See our Pet Health plan page for more information.

Non Routine Services

Winton Lodge is a fully equipped practice and we are able to carry out an extensive range of medical and surgical treatments on almost all species of pets.

Surgical Procedures

We have a dedicated sterile theatre where we perform all sterile procedures. Our experienced veterinary team can undertake a wide range of routine and non routine operations. We employ the latest anaesthetic protocols to ensure the highest level of safety for your pets. We have advanced multi-parameter anaesthetic monitoring which enables us to closely monitor every aspect of your pet’s condition during the procedure.


We have in house xray facilities and can quickly undertake xray examinations. We have both standard xrays and dedicated dental xrays.

In House Laboratory

An extensive range of in house laboratory equipment allows us to do a wide range of tests quickly so there is minimal delay in diagnosis for your pet.

External Laboratory

We have a courier service to ensure lab samples get to our external lab quickly and safely in order to minimise turnaround time for results.


Our ultrasound scanning machine allows us to investigate internal health conditions and also to do routine scans such as for pregnancy.


Almost all pets will suffer from some form of dental disease in their lifetime and dentistry is something we take very seriously at Winton Lodge. All of our vets have received additional training in dentistry and we have a full range of equipment including digital dental radiology to allow us to do all routine and many more advanced dental procedures.

Geriatric Care

Just like people – our pets are living longer than ever thanks to better nutrition and care. At Winton Lodge we aim to help make the “golden years” as happy a time as possible for your pets. We are well equipped to help with all the common ailments in older pets whether they be dog, cats or even more unusual pets!

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