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At Winton Lodge we have fifteen minute appointments as a routine with the exception of Saturday mornings. This allows us time to fully investigate any issues or even just time to get to know your pet better. It also allows for a calmer, less stressful experience for your pet. To book an appointment please call the Epsom branch on 01372 722313 or the Leatherhead branch on 01372 360699.

Parking and access

We have ample parking at both our Epsom and Leatherhead branches. Leatherhead has easy access for wheelchair users.

Home visits

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to get your pets to us. Equally sometimes clients prefer to have their pets seen at home. We will always try to attend your pet at home wherever possible if requested. We do normally need a little advanced notice for this.


Pets are normally admitted between 08h30 and 9h00 on the day of their surgery. Dogs and cats need to be fasted for surgery – please withdraw food from around 9pm the night before. Other pets should not be starved. All animals should have normal access to water. We ask that dogs be walked before coming down to give them a chance to go to the toilet. On admitting your pet we will go through the procedure with you and arrange a time for collection.

Repeat prescriptions

For repeat prescriptions please allow 24 hours to allow the vets to check the medications and in some cases to order specific medications in. Animals on long term medications need to be reassessed at least every 6 months prior to dispensing medicitions in stable conditions, more often in unstable cases.

Food orders

We keep a wide range of diets in stock. For certain prescription diets we need 24 hours notice. If in doubt please ring us in advance to check if we have the right food in for your pet.

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